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    Caithness Horizons Museum
    Old Town Hall, High Street, Thurso, KW14 8AJ

    Thurso Town Improvements Association desperately needs your help!
    We’re busy working on two major projects-TRIP (Thurso Riverside Illumination Project) and the Thurso Walk of Fame project where we aim to celebrate Thurso folk in creating a walk around town highlighting the achievements and stories of familiar faces.
    These projects are our primary aim and so, we’re hoping to pass on the ownership and management of the Christmas lights to a new committee. We’ve worked really hard for many years to maintain, repair and purchase new Christmas lights every year but in order to focus our time and energy, we need significant help. We’re really keen to get this off the ground ASAP and are more than happy to support the new group with our vice chair Helen Allan happy to share her knowledge and experience to ensure the new volunteers are comfortable with the workload.
    The Christmas lights job is one that is so rewarding it really is a pleasure to see people enjoying the hard work that takes place behind the scenes. Got questions? Please, please, please come along to ask anything and to find out more!