Midsummer Madness 2018 running order!

So here goes, the running order of our second Midsummer Madness! Please note that everything is subject to change so please bear with us and the performers on the day. We’re really lucky to have Kane Cameron acting as Compere on the field and Keisha will be keeping everyone in the loop as to what’s happening in the main tent.

Friday 22nd June
18.00 Sideshows open
19.30 Tent/bar opens
20.30 Addie Harper and friends performance begins
22.30 Sideshows close for the night
01.00 CLOSE

Saturday 23rd June
12.30 Gates open-all tents open-sideshows open
12.45 Junior Pipe Band opening performance (on the field)
12.45 Total Wipeout open for kids play
13.00 Kids/mixed ages groups fancy dress competition (on the field)
13.00 Opening performance from Keisha and friends (ongoing throughout the day in the main tent)
13.00 Open Mic session organised by Cafe Tempest including some favourites from last year! (in the Cafe tempest tent)
13.00 Kids entertainment from Nosca (North of Scotland Childcare Association) (in the kiddies tent)
13.00 onwards-traders in the trade tent
13.45 Performance from Caithness Pro Wrestling (on the field)
14.00 Performance from Thurso High School Rock Challenge (in the main tent)
14.15 Junior Pipe Band performance (on the field)
14.30 Highland Dancing display from Mina Mackay’s Dance school
15.00 Performance from RISE Dance Academy (in the main tent)
15.15 Performance from Caithness Pro Wrestling (on the field)
15.30 Performance from Caithness Gymnastics Club (weather will dictate area of performance)
16.00 Performance from Rush.dance (in the main tent)
16.00 Teen It’s A Knockout tournament begins (register with anyone in hi vis throughout the day)
16.30 T time in the tent with music from Keisha and friends (in main tent)
16.30 Performance from Caithness Pro Wrestling (on the field)
17.00 Adult fancy dress competition (on the field)
17.15 It’s a Knockout Adult Tournament begins (register throughout the day with anyone in hi vis)
19.00 Performance from OpenPlan (in the main tent)
21.00 ANYONE UNDER 18 MUST LEAVE THE EVENT-see you on Sunday!
22.30 Sideshows close for the night
23.00 Performance from DJ dmac
01.00 CLOSE

Sunday 24th June
12.00 Thorshape tent opens
12.00 Sideshows open-FREE sideshow tickets for those young people who attend Thorshape!
12.00 Trade tent opens
14.00 Music performances from Ian Sinclair and Friends
16.00 Presentation of Young Ambassadors
16.30 Music from Ian Sinclair and Friends continues
20.00 Music from Frayed Edges
20.00 Sideshows close
21.00 ANYONE UNDER 18 MUST LEAVE THE EVENT-thanks for coming!
00.00 CLOSE-It’s all over 🙁
00.30 Community tidy up begins….ok we’re kidding, we’ll do that bit! But if you want to lend a hand, you know where we’ll be. Resisting sleep with a sweeping brush in hand!

Phew, we think that’s everything! Although, chances are, we’ll have forgotten something somewhere along the way, please forgive us, we’ll edit this post if we have made any errors!

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