Young Ambassador Awards 2018. Celebrating the Year of Young People

As you all know, we launched the Young Ambassador award in 2017 in a bid to celebrate young people making a considerable difference within the community. In the initial year, 10 young people received the award for their contributions. From volunteering to sports awards, it’s been refreshing to learn what these young people have committed themselves to and the effort they’ve put in to their respective fields. It’s an honour to congratulate their achievements in the community.

In order to join in with the national programme ‘Year of Young People’ we’ve decided to extend the age group of eligible young people in it’s second year. Any person making a considerable contribution to their community who is 25 and under can receive the prestigious award. Nominations for the Summer presentation are open now and the community, schools, youth organisations or community groups are invited to nominate where they see fit. The presentation of successful candidates will take place at this year’s MidSummer Madness celebration over the weekend of 23rd/24th June at Sir George’s Park, more locally known as The Dammies.
Nomination categories cover community spirit/volunteering, educational efforts or achievements, sports or arts, caring for people in their family or within the community. This list however is not exhaustive and the voluntary committee are eager to celebrate those young people for a special achievement or exceptional activity. We feel that it’s so important to recognise the achievements of young people in Thurso and celebrate their skill and talent in the way they deserve.
We encourage individual nominations and group entries. The criteria for nominations states that nominees must be under 26 in the award year, live within the Thurso high school catchment area and be contributing significantly to the fabric of our community in some way above the normal. The deadline for nominations for the Summer award ceremony is Sunday 10th June.
Please get in touch with us to find out how to nominate a young person or group.

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