Our awesome sponsors

We’re thrilled by the support that local businesses have shown us so far this year.  We’ve been lucky enough to secure sponsorship from a number of local businesses which really helps to boost our fundraising total.  TTIA has two long term goals.  The Riverside Project and the Thurso walk of Fame project.

After public consultation, The Riverside Project and the Thurso Walk of Fame project were chosen by an independent panel of volunteers.  At this time, the group are unsure just how long it will take to carry out the projects but they’re excited to take on the challenge and the sponsorship money granted is a huge bonus.  The Riverside project aims to light the river so that it can be utilised all year round by locals and visitors.  The Thurso Walk of Fame project will highlight familiar names, faces and stories in a series of plaques which will create a walk around town for local people and visitors to the area to enjoy.

Because of these very worthy projects and the enthusiasm of the group, we’re lucky enough to have secured financial sponsorship from six local firms.  These brilliant firms are as follows; Gow’s Of Lybster, Caithness Scaffolding, Y-Not Bar and Grill, Simpson’s Oils, Contec and Kelvin Technologies.  We are incredibly grateful for their support and look forward to working together over the coming months and years to provide entertaining events for the town while continuing to fundraise towards our target.


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